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Let’s face it, choosing an outfit for a photography session is stressful. It’s hard enough choosing what you’re going to wear, let alone coordinating everyone else involved. So the place to start? A colour palette. 

A colour palette consists of 3-4 colours that work together. It’s best to think of it in terms of tones. Pastel, earthy, moody. This allows you to have a consistent look and feel within your photos. The key to successful styling is coordinate instead of matching. A colour palette will allow everyone to be able to express their own sense of style and everyone will still coordinate beautifully. 

So how do you choose a colour palette? Everyone’s style is different and it’s important to stick to being who you are. If you are people who gravitate towards colour, then make sure this is how you dress in your photos. You want to be feeling comfortable and natural.

Here are 5 colour palettes you can some use for some inspiration!

This palette looks fabulous in any setting (in home, beach, forest) so is a great ‘go to’ if you’re really stuck for ideas. A good way to break it up is throw in some light denim or add some tan boots for a bit more contrast. 
The tan palette is another ‘go to’ that looks fantastic in any setting. It’s also another one that you break up with a denim jacket, funky hat or some cool boots. 
This gives your photos a more light and airy feel and is fabulous for spring (or any season really). 
This palette is stunning and looks absolutely gorgeous in outdoor shoots in places like a pine forest or on the cliffs. 
Another stunning palette that adds a real amount of depth and moodiness in an outdoor setting such as forests and rocky beaches. 

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Check out this Pinterest board for a whole variety of colour palettes to inspire you for your next session. Get in touch to book yourself in.

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