Before 2020, I didn’t even know that my DSLR camera was capable of taking video. Photography had been my sole focus and passion. 

My second daughter Adalyn was due in April 2020 (and she came in May after 9 painful days of being overdue, lucky she’s cute!!!!!), this was at the beginning of the pandemic here in Australia. My maternity leave from photography began sooner than expected and my last few weeks of being pregnant were spent doing early morning grocery store runs trying desperately to find newborn nappies and toilet paper. Now as we reach the other side of the pandemic, it’s absolutely crazy to look back on (seriously guys, TOILET PAPER?!)!!! 

The major lockdown for Melbourne began in July 2020. By this time I was feeling quite ready to return to work so it was frustrating that I couldn’t be out doing what I love!!! I threw myself into online courses so I could feel like I was making the most of the down time (as well as spending time with my gorgeous family of course). Business, photography workshops, wedding photography education …. You name it and I was into it! Towards the end of the lockdown I’d finished a few courses on Creative Live and was at a bit of a loss as to what to do. A course called ‘Filming Families: The Modern Family Video’ had caught my eye a few times and I decided to give it a go. 

After watching the first family film in the course I balled my bloody eyes out. I’m a closet emotional person. I seem really easy going and relaxed but on the inside I am actually a glass case of emotion hot mess. I’ll be there like ‘yup I’ve got my shit together, continue, I’m fine…….’ Hold it together until I’m in the car and then ugly cry all the way home. Watching these family films, I knew this was something special I wanted to do for other people. Photography is one thing, but seeing the beautiful connection you have with someone in video is another!!!!!! 

Since then, and a billion Melbourne lockdowns later, I’ve been learning video and how to put together family films. I don’t yet know how these will become part of my my business, but I do know that it’s something special I want to offer to people. 

So stay tuned for this exciting new part of Clodagh Jane Photography (and please know there will be ugly crying as I put them together for your family). 

Check out one of my first films!

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