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The year was 2016. My young, carefree, always in search of a wine self was bounding about beautiful Italy with a rather handsome young man! As soon as we landed in Italy we fell in love. Not with each other, that had already happened, but with the beautiful architecture, culture (ie. revolving around food and wine) and scenery this amazing country had to offer. We made our way through Rome, Venice, Florence and our breath was taken away by the beautiful villages of Cinque Terre. The colourful buildings, the crystal clear ocean, the Michelin star restaurants offering fresh fish and crisp wine… Heaven. The day before my birthday this handsome young man and I rented a little boat (because you can just do that over there!) and jetted about the ocean exploring the views of the 5 villages that make up Cinque Terre. At one point we stopped and I dove into the ocean… then immediately began panicking because I didn’t know if Italy had terrifying sea creatures like Australia did. As I babbled away about the possibility of being eaten and wondered aloud if I would taste good or not… this handsome young man was preparing to ask me a BIG question. As I swam back towards the boat, he was down on one knee (not easy when you’re on a boat) and he confessed his love for me and asked me to marry him.

Ummmmmm… YES!!!!!!!! Flash forward 5 years and this handsome man Rhett is my husband (after a beautiful wedding on the Mornington Peninsula), we have 2 gorgeous girls and I’m due with our third child in the next few weeks. Safe to say we are not as young and carefree as we used to be (am still always in search of wine though…).

These are the photos we have from our engagement………. It’s been 5 years and A LOT of amazing things have happened….. We do NOT look like this anymore hahahaha.

So why have I shared this story with you? Because I am hoping it helps convince you to book in for an engagement session, so in 5 years time you have beautiful professional photos to look back on when perhaps you and your partner look a little different, a bit more tired, grey hairs may have even started to grow and your life has completely changed in the most amazing ways possible… but it’s still fun to look back on who you were as a couple 5 years ago and think ‘damn, I looked GOOOOOOOOD’.

If this hasn’t convinced you… Here are 3 other reasons to book in for an engagement session!

3 reasons to book in an engagement session

1. Getting comfortable in front of the camera. ⠀

If you’re feeling a little nervous about getting photos on your wedding day… this is the perfect way to have a ‘test run’. Often couples haven’t had any professional photos since they were in school or if they had professional photos with their families… this is a whole different ball game… and I promise I make it painless and dare I say it… FUN! By the time I’m done with your engagement session, you’ll be super comfortable and even excited for your portraits on your wedding day. I love using this as an extra opporturtunity to get to know you even better and we can work out any insecurities before the actual day.

2. It’s just the two of you AND you can do it your way.

Engagement session sounds pretty boring… For your engagement session this is about YOU! There is no ‘right’ way to do it. Want to go and check out some of the epic clifftops on the Mornington Peninsula? Let’s do it! Want to hire a convertible and hit up some fabulous scenery or a cool bar? Ummmmm… yes…. let me be your third wheel. Want to go roller skating, surf or swim together?! I will be there stalking the two of you like a massive creeper. We will work together to make sure we’re doing something true to who you are as a couple. This is so different from your wedding day as it’s just the two of you, there’s no timeline to work within and it’s a bit more relaxed.

3. To celebrate. ⠀

An engagement is a huge deal!!! You’re going to want to remember it and it’s so worth getting some photos to share with all your friends and family. You can display them at your engagement party, wedding or use them for your wedding website.

Engagement photography at Myrtaceae Winery on the Mornington Peninsula.
Engagement photography at Myrtaceae Winery
Engagement photography at Butterfly Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula.
Engagement picnic session at Butterfly Red Hill, Wedding Venue
Clodagh Jane Photography engagement photography.
Engagement photography at The Briars, Mornington Peninsula

Want to chat about how we can have the coolest engagement session or wedding photography? Get in touch with me here.

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