Jason and Jeff were married in Footscray Park, with a small and intimate ceremony near the duck pond. This is a special spot where they take their precious little pooches often, so it felt fitting that this was the place for them. After reschedule after reschedule in the Covid times, Jason and Jeff decided on something a little smaller than they were originally planning… they had waited long enough.

Let me tell you, their special day certainly had some curve balls thrown in. Firstly, a lovely cultural gathering was happening to the right side of their ceremony space, with the music so loud it would have drowned out their vows. Thankfully this stopped before their ceremony….. only for a heavy metal band to start up just before they were due to arrive!!!! I’m talking a stage, a large group of fans and very LOUD heavy metal.

The celebrant Margaret, the absolute legend, negotiated with the band and their fans to hold off their set for 20 minutes so that these two could have their ceremony. It was unexpected, amazing and Jason and Jeff couldn’t stop giggling. I’m sure even if the music played throughout the entire ceremony, these two would have just taken it in their stride and laughed about it. ⠀

Whilst they were having their photos after the ceremony, a lovely young man from the heavy metal side wandered up for a hug, to get in a photo with them and offered them cans of Jack Daniels as a wedding present. Can you spot the photo? An unexpected memory worth having forever 

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