Photographers refer to the first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset as ‘golden hour’. Why? It’s all about the light. The light is softer, warm and is the most flattering hour to be photographed. So of course if you’re booking in your session, this is when you want it to be for the best results!

So what’s your photography season? Everyone will be different according to their lifestyle and what type of session they’re booking in for.

If you’re booking in for a session here on the Mornington Peninsula or Melbourne, this will help you choose what time of year is best for you.


The sun is shining, the nights are long and outfits are easy to come by.

Pros: Easy to dress for, less likely to be affected by weather and more session spots available during the week.

Cons: The best locations can be REALLY busy and the weather can make you a hot sweaty mess.

Sunrise photos: 6:30/7:00am

Sunset photos: 7:30/8:00pm


The colours are absolutely beautiful, the weather can be mild and Autumn outfits are just divine.

Pros: The colours of love, popular locations are less busy and outfits can be versatile.

Cons: The weather is milder.

Sunrise photos: 7:30/8:00am

Sunset photos: 4:30/5:00pm


Oh the gorgeous knits, cosy blankets and stunning sunsets and sunrises.

Pros: Early sunsets for families with young children, cosy sessions and you usually have your location to yourself.

Cons: Weather is more likely to affect your session and the sun sets really early which can be problem for weddings.

Sunrise photos: 8:00/8:30am

Sunset photos: 3:30/4:00pm


Luscious fields, fresh flowers, dewy mornings and multiple outfit choices.

Pros: Beautiful scenery, nice weather and less likely for your location to be busy.

Cons: Weather can be temperamental.

Sunrise photos: 7:00/7:30am

Sunset photos: 6:00/6:30pm

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