If you’re anything like me, planning what I’M going to wear sends me into a panic, let alone dressing my whole family so we look like together, semi functional, coordinated human beings! ARRRGGGHHHH. But never fear! I’m here to help you make outfit planning less stressful for you.

Firstly, consider who you and your family are. Are you a colourful family or do you prefer a more neutral look? These photographs work best when you stay true to your style! If the thought of everyone wearing white creates visions of dirt stains, food stains and grass stains racing through your mind… maybe it’s not the right look for you! There is no ‘right’ way to dress for your session, however there are some things to keep in mind to make your photos work best!

Here’s some hot tips to help you on your outfit choosing journey…..

  • Start by choosing a theme for your session (and no I don’t mean something like ‘jungle’) and keep the location of your session in mind. Some examples might be… Casual summer, bohemian, fancy pants, winter woolies, floral pastels, pastel tones, dark and moody…


Family Photography Outfit Inspiration

Newborn Photography Outfit Inspiration

  • Choose a colour palette! A colour palette consists of 3-4 colours that work together. It’s best to think of it in terms of tones. Pastel, earthy, moody. This allows you to have a consistent look and feel within your photos. The key to successful styling is coordinate instead of matching.


Struggling with what to wear? Here’s 5 colour palettes to inspire you (Clodagh Jane Photography Blog)

Colour Palette Inspiration Board

  • Make sure everyone is COMFORTABLE. Try on the clothes beforehand! And of course, make sure YOU’RE comfortable.
  • If you have little ones wearing dresses, a nappy cover, bloomers or leggings underneath is a wonderful idea because I will have them running around and/or being lifted up for kisses.

Things to avoid…

  • Bold prints, patterns and logos. These can distract the eye in your photos! Light patterning (e.g. florals) is totally fine!
  • Watches (especially smart watches), caps or lots of accessories. These can also be a distraction in your photographs.
  • Vivid colours that could be a distraction or cast colour onto other family members (e.g. fluros)

I always suggest trying to make sure you have outfits sorted a couple of days before your session so you can ‘relax’ when you’re getting ready to leave! And of course, if you are stuck, I’m always here to help.

Family Photography Mornington Peninsula
Family Photography Mornington Peninsula

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