Thinking of eloping on the Mornington Peninsula? You have come to the right place! The Mornington Peninsula has so much to offer whether you’re eloping or having a big wedding. I’m a wedding/elopement photographer who is OBSESSED with this beautiful place.

So, here’s some tips and recommendations if you’re planning an elopement on the Mornington Peninsula!

How to elope legally 

When you see elopements happen in movies, it’s always made to seem spontaneous and on a whim (usually after many many MANY beverages)!! However that’s not how real elopements actually are, and to legally elope it’s a bit more than just signing a marriage certificate on the day! 

You have some options when planning your elopement… take care of the legalities on the day of your elopement OR take care of that beforehand and have a symbolic elopement ceremony instead. 

To have a legal elopement ceremony you will need a certified marriage celebrant to perform your ceremony. During this you will sign all the legal documents needed to make it official. One of the requirements for this is that you will need 2 witnesses to sign your marriage certificate. Read more about the legal requirements here… 

A symbolic ceremony could be performed by a marriage celebrant OR if you’ve taken care of all the legal stuff beforehand…. Anyone or any WAY you want. 

Where to elope 

You are absolutely spoilt for choice when eloping on the Mornington Peninsula. There are so many beautiful spots and beaches. Two of my favourite locations for elopements are Flinders cliffs and Shoreham Beach. There’s the back beaches of Sorrento and Blairgowrie. There’s the Mornington Peninsula National Park. These are all beautiful outdoor locations for you to have a small elopement ceremony. Looking for somewhere indoors? Check out some of the small wineries or The Old Church Red Hill.

The Mornington Peninsula is spectacular in the summer time, but also a very popular tourist destination!! When planning your elopement spot it’s definitely something to keep in mind. Places like Flinders and Shoreham Beach will be less busy than the popular tourist beaches! 

Suppliers you might need for an elopement

The beauty of an elopement is that you can do it any way you want!! You may prefer to let the location be the only background you need or you can style a small ceremony space. Here’s a list of suppliers you may need… 

  • Celebrant 
  • Photographer 
  • Videographer 
  • Florist 
  • Event hire (if you’re after a set up with an arbour… etc) 
  • Hair and make up artist 

Here’s a Wedding Guide I put together with some fabulous Mornington Peninsula wedding vendors!

Mornington Peninsula Wedding guide

Restaurants on the Mornington Peninsula 

The beauty of an elopement is you can do WHATEVER you want!!! Want to keep it low key and have a special picnic just the two of you? Amazing! Want to gather your very nearest and dearest and head for a lovely meal afterwards? Amazing! 

Check out some of my favourite local spots that would be PERFECT for beautiful lunch/dinner with your nearest and dearest or just the two of you!

The Epicurean 

Many Little 


Paringa Estate



Stumpy Gully 


Barn and Co 

Point Leo Estate 

400 Gradi 


Places to stay after your elopement 

Let’s keep this day going!! There are many many amazing places to stay on the Mornington Peninsula to make your night special! There are HEAPS of amazing air bnbs available for you to make a lovely weekend away of it. Oooorrrr check out these special places… 


Harts Farm Retreat 

Polperro Villas 

Haven Red Hill

Lancmore Lindenberry Red Hill

Port Phillip Estate


Want some inspiration? Check out this Pinterest board I put together with some fab elopements! 

Elopement Inspiration Pinterest board 

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