Katie, Jack, Kayden, Leon and Oliver || Family Photography Mornington Peninsula

When Katie won a family photography session in an Instagram giveaway, I was absolutely delighted to hear that she had 3 boys! We were going to have so much fun! Now this session seemed to be cursed… every time we rescheduled it… BOOM… lockdown! Such was the way of 2021! It was pretty crazy. Katie and fam live in Melbourne and were planning to come down the Mornington Peninsula for their session. By the time things opened up, I was only a couple of weeks off giving birth! FINALLY we were able to get together at the start of 2022 and it was just magical.

We met at the amazing Shoreham Beach. it’s not secret this is one of my favourite locations. How can go you go wrong with a beach AND a pine forest? Dreamy.

It was a beautiful sunny day, but by the time evening rolled around the sky had become dark and moody. It was really beautiful and the weather was milder so we weren’t sweltering in the heat. The boys were keen to run around the beach and then we went and explored the pine forest. We finished up letting the boys do their thing in the water and burn off any energy they had left.

This family are just truly beautiful. It was such a pleasure to meet them.

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