Truth be told, I never really understood the appeal of ‘getting ready’ photos. It sounded kind of weird to me, like why would someone want to come and have someone watch them get ready and document it? Now after taking these photos, I get it. 

Your wedding day is like a beautiful story. There’s the big build up, the declaration of love and then the happily ever after. The getting ready photos are the big build up. Emotions are high. These emotions could be excitement, nerves, stress or all of the above. You’re surrounded by loved ones as you get ready for that final declaration of love. There’s laughter, there’s tears and there’s nervous excitement. It’s friggin’ beautiful!!!!!! 

When you’re getting ready, you’re also surrounded by your loved ones, and it’s a beautiful opportunity to have a quiet moment together (which just so happens to make a beautiful photo) before you see the rest of your guests. 

SOOOOOO I’m fully convinced that getting ready photos are totally worth it. But if you’re on the fence, here are some things to consider… 

  1. You will have the WHOLE story from your day. 

By documenting the getting ready moments, you will get to see what your partner was up to if you chose to get ready separately. There’s often really beautiful moments between loved ones as your getting ready for your wedding day. It might be your Mum helping you into your dress or fixing your tie, a special gift exchange or a few tears when your friends and family see you all dressed up for the first time.

  1. Detail shots.

Want some shots of the beautiful accessories, shoes and other important things? Leave them out and I’ll photograph them for you!!! These things are often forgotten later in the day and it’s lovely to have some photos of all those tiny details you put into this huge day.

  1. Get some photos with your family or your wedding party.

Want to cut photo time shorter after the ceremony? Get some at your getting ready destination!!! This gives you more time to mingle with your guests and more time during couple photos. 

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