Baby it’s cold outside! Winter has hit the Mornington Peninsula, but that’s no reason to put off booking in for an outdoor family photography session. Cuddling up, knitted jumpers and the beauty of our surroundings.

1. Early sunset.

The hour or two before sunset is the best time for photos. The light is soft, golden and stunning. This creates beautiful, flattering photos using the stunning light to your advantage. If you have little ones with an early bed tie or just a Nana at heart, then winter sessions are PERFECT. You can have your session (your session will start around 3:30pm as apposed to 7:30pm in summer!) and then be home in time for dinner, bath and bed.

2. Gorgeous winter clothes.

Cosy winter fashion is comfortable, looks fantastic in photos and the knits you can find for the kiddos are just absolutely divine. There’s also less pressure to find flattering dresses as winter fashion – think over sized knitted jumpers and super cute boots.

3. Location, location, location – to YOURSELF.

The warmer months are fabulous here on the Mornington Peninsula, but boy oh boy can it get busy! If you’re after a beach session it can be difficult to find a day that suits the whole family and where the beach won’t be absolutely packed until the sun sets. It’s definitely harder to get comfortable in front of the camera when you’re feeling like others are watching on. In winter, you have your pick of any location and 99% chance old mate in his Speedo’s will not be photobombing in the background! The beauty of off season!!

So, has this warmed your soul? Head on over to the contact page to book your session in!

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